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A Higher Standard in Client Relationship

The foundation of A Higher Standard Home Service Company is comprised of it's clients. Our New Clients, and our Loyal Clients are our lifeline. A Higher Standard was designed on this fact and is tailored specifically, to offer an experience that exceeds the clients expectations, as well as offering competitive upfront pricing and many different payment options and promotions to help with the sometimes high cost of Home Repair and Service. Rather than contracting out we employ technicians of many different backgrounds, together creating a team of Higher Standard Serviceman. With our cost effective business models, and low overhead, our cost of doing business is low enough, where we can pass those savings on to you. 

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The foundation of our company is comprised of our Loyal Customers. We understand this and have learned that we can build on it. At a Higher Standard Service you will recieve a Higher Standard in Satisfaction, Relationship, and Overall Value.

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Incentives and Rewards for New Clients, Repeat Clients, and Referral bonuses. Seasonal Promotions and Coupons.

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Warranties, and Gurantees

2 Year Full Workmanship Warranty,3 Year no-leak warranty on all connections we make and seal ourselves.

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Mini-Split Benefits and Options

Mini-Split systems are offered by many different manufacturers, some better than others, some providing benefits others don't. It comes down to "What is right for the customer and their home specifics?" Below you can read in further details about mini split systems and what they have to offer for you.

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Split Systems, Single / Multi Zone

Most Resdiential homes.

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Mini-splits and Heat Pumps

Benefits and Options of Mini-Split Systems.

Mini-Split systems are very similar to traditional split systems, but offer different features and benefits, as well as providing the same result you are used to if that's what you desire. Mini-Split systems are most commonly thought of to be "Ductless", however some of these manufacturers offer "Ducted" systems as well. For Example, Mitsubishi Personal Comfort and Haier Ductless companies both offer many different system designs and applications. Essentially they have come up with a soulution to virtually every aspect of home construction restraints and limtations. With today's mini-split technology not only can you get exactly what you want and need by their incredibly interchangable system designs, but you get some of the most efficient and best rated Heat and A/C available. These systems hold about an 80-85% capability in heating under negative 13 degrees farenhiet as well as the ability to cool your home to 60 degrees with and oustide ambient temp close to zero. Check out both Mitsubishi and Haier's websites to learn more and see for yourself how incredible these systems are.

Single-Zone systems could be the perfect solution for that new addition above the garage you are installing, or that back-side of the house the just never seems to stay warm. Spot cooling and heating is a great use of single zone wall-mounted or ceiling recessed ductless mini-split systems.

Multi- Zone system capability can be installed throughout your entire your home with very little intrusion and almost no inside contracting work to be done. So if your home is already finished and has been for a while and you don't have central air, but have been considering the upgrade, why not take a look at Ductless Mini splits. Its cost effective, extremely efficient and most systems offer you rebates and virtually interest free financing options through the manufacturers and our states clean air acts and agencies including Mass CEC. 

What You can Expect from A Higher Standard

Company Policy, Expectations

At a Higher Standard, we take a slightly different approach than most service companies. Our mission is to create a new, better, experience for the consumer. By offering superior service, great customer relationships, and more overall value in our work we expect to see a reflection in our companies success.

All of our technicians are highly qualified, trained and licensed. They are expected to arrive, prepared and on-time to the scheduled job. The very first thing the technician should do with the customer is an initial "confirmation" of the proposed plan and go over all documentation ensuring the customer is entirely confident and informed. With your permission the technician will begin work, and keep you updated along the way, of anything you need to or should know. Whenever we are working in someones home we keep our eyes open for anything non-related that looks "suspect" and notify you of that as-well. Home maintenance is important and is a lot of work, also our job requires us to, maybe spend more time in your attic or basement than you normally would, so it is our duty to notify you of anything potentially harmful, damaging or otherwise "suspect" that we come across. Not only will we notify you but the technician should offer you a resolution if you are interested. The most important lesson we give our employees is that we work for the customer, when you hire A Higher Standard to do your work you will get just that. A Higher Standard of work and experience.

Communication is major in this industry and too often do we hear from customers that they had a bad experience with "ABC Compnay" because they said it would be one price, and by the time he was done it was over 5 times as much! Well, we ensure we have your approval every step of the way, of any changes. Our specialists are very good at what they do and estimate the jobs as accurately as they can, however there is always the "unknown factor". Rather than up-charging you, which is what some service companies will do, a kind of cushion they give themselves, well we don't believe in charging you for services we didn't provide. A Higher Standard will qoute you the best price we can, and if that unfortunate event does come up, and something looks like it might change, well we notify you right away while you still have a chance to opt-out, that way you never get stuck pay a higher bill than you expected.

Cleanliness is also very important, not only will we use protective gear when necessary for your home, but we will clean up all work spaces, and leave them in the same or better condition than when we arrived. 

We offer warranty and guarantee on all services and installs, including 2 years liability warranty on the work i did, and 3 years warranty full coverage on any connection made by Higher Standard Service.

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