Welcome to Our Online Booking Page

Here you can browse through some of our many services offered; including air conditioning service and installs as well as many home improvements needs you might have, and actually book them online in real time. You will be asked to select the most convenient time for you and our smart schedule automatically will  check our specialist's schedules for availability, and complete your online booking. Make sure to choose the correct category as that is partially how we match you with the appropriate specialist tech for you needs. 

  1. It is Entirely Free to book online, but after booking online you will be contacted by our customer representative and confirm information about your appointment. At that the time you will be asked to pay a deposit and/or place a card on file in our secure system.
  2. Deposit requirement varies by service requested and all deposits taken are fully refundable. We only ask you provide us with sufficient time when cancelling an already confirmed appointment. Generally we ask 12-24 hrs, but you will be notified in detail before any payment is taken.
  3. All Deposit will receive a receipt, confirmation, cancellation and refund policy, and (if you chose to keep a card on file) an authorization form and privacy policy promising your information's security as well.

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