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Our Three Main Categories of Service

Heating and Cooling (HVAC/R)

EPA Licesencsed and in partnership with multiple manufactures. We can help QUALIFY YOU for Clean Eneregy Efficiency Rebates, Incentives and Financing.We specialize in ac repair, install, service, and maintain all air conditioning systems. Mini-splits, Split-Systems "Central-Air", Packaged units. All Residential and Commercial heating cooling and plumbing in Boston and the surrounding areas. Click Here for Heating and Cooling Service Call Price List

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Air Conditioning Repair, System Installations, and Routine Maintenance.

We specialize in Split and Mini-Split high-pressure cooling systems. We are certified and qualified to work on and install ALL types of cooling systems, Small Appliances, High-Pressure and Low-pressure systems, even "chillers" (walk-in freezers, etc..) However, we not really work on the low-pressure machines, and most small appliances are not worth repair because the usually come as closed systems with no service port it create a tremendous amount of work just to diagnose the the system. Generally I recommend replacing appliances, unless it is an electrical component causing the problem, in which case I would be able to easily find and diagnose that, in that situation i would possibly recommend the repair of an appliance. I really do not do any work on the low-pressure systems, "chillers" etc.. and will NEVER take a job I'm not 100% comfortable with. That being said;What we do Specialize in though, Split and Mini-Split, High-Pressure systems, is the most commonly seen equipment in residential and light commercial applications in this region. Most people have forced ducted air and you can tell this if you are not sure by checking if the a/c in your home comes from vents in the walls or if you have multiple indoor "ductless" units placed all around the home that directly blow the cold air, that is most likely a "mini-split" system. Whatever the case may be whatever system you do have, chances our I can do the work on it. The only thing I do NOT do is walk-in freezers, and systems like what they use to keep the boston gardens ice cold. [The Low-pressure Coolers}

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Plumbing and Electricial Handy Man Repairs

We do alot of Plumbing Repairs and installs, small electrical projects, and Handy Man Repairs. We try to offer service in every aspect of Home needs. If we cant do it, We can bring someone in who can and we will take responsibility for them and their work. To find out more in this category please contact Anthony Directly until we are finished editing the website. We greatly apoligize for any inconvenience.

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(HVAC/R) Air Conditioning Services

"Service Call"

Higher Standard Service uses many flat-rate prices for the HVAC services we provide, only on installations and certain jobs do we go by an hourly labor rate. Click-Here to see a full pricing list.

Service Calls- Anytime you are contacting us because your heat or a/c is not working or not working properly, that is considered a service call. The Service Call Charge for a Lic. Technician to come out and address your complaint is ONLY $99.99 right now.(Seasonal Promo)

If your systems problem requires an added amount of diagnostic procedure you will be notified immediately and told of any price changes up-front. Guaranteed No Surprises when you get the final bill. We will always get your prior authorization.

Service Call charges are for quick fixes, if your system requires a lengthy diagnostic process and much labor to do it, then instead of the service call charge you are going to pay a Diagnostic charge 1 of 3 levels. The diagnosis and resolution is guaranteed, or we re-diagnose for free. All charges are explained up-front and at no time will the customer ever be asked to pay something not previously authorized. 

Service Calls ONLY $99.99 (limited time)

Routine Air Conditioning Maintence (Starting at $129.00)

All Air Conditioning and Heat pump systems need to be maintained regularly. Whether they are ductless or ducted, packaged or split, they all need service. Depending on the amount of use, that could be once or twice a year, or it could be more, you should really go by whatever your technician recommends. Every systems maintenance process and maintenance needs are a little different than the other.

 Higher Standard ensures that the correct manufacturer recommended maintenance procedures and products are used for each specific system. All services come with warranty and guarantee just ask for details.  

Routine maintenance is imperative if you want to maintain your manufacturers warranty. Similar to you new car, if you don't change the oil when they tell you to, it can disrupt your warranty. We are experts in this category and will ensure that you are doing everything your manufacturer requires, and that at the same time, that you are getting the best deal for it. We offer the most overall value in our services. "More for Less"

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Air Quality and System Functionality and Efficiency test (Starting at $349.00)

*USE our New Client Promo and Save $50. This service also includes a complete routine maintenance of your system a $129-$249 value.

Do you regularly maintain your a/c system including cleaning your vents and filters if applicable? If So, Great, but there are still many places and ways for bacteria, mold and other harmful fumes to make their way into your air system and spread throughout your home or business. Luckily, there are many things we can do to not only test for it, but to locate and remedy these issues. Part of our service includes testing and inspecting your system the other part is cleaning and preventing this from happening again or every happening in the first place. Commonly seen shortcuts taken by other technicians on installs in the most common types of central a/c systems, can lead to a deadly outcome. 

Don't waste time call us today and get your system inspected. While we are in there we do a complete maintenance as well, thats a $129-$249 service. Are you willing to pay a little over $100 for peace of mind that your home is safe? 

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New Installs, Replacement Systems

New High Efficiency, Hyper Heat, Heat Pump, and Ductless air conditioning system. Mitsubishi Comfort

New High Efficiency technology is making mini-split ductless systems more and more popular all over the world. Offering some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems with some of the most variety in features and product design available. 

Higher Standard Installs and Replaces all types of Hvac systems and equipment. 

There are many benefits of choosing a Higher Standard Service to complete your install. We guarantee customer satisfaction and warranty everything we touch. On top of whatever manufacturers warranty you get you will also receive a complete workmanship warranty for the first year and a limited service warranty for the first 3-5 years.

  • The Best Warranty and Guarantee
  • Better Customer Relationship
  • Higher Standard Quality of Work
  • More Overall Value / Cheaper Cost

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Air Conditioning Leak Test, and Repair

Is your air conditiong system runing but not blowing cold air, short cycling or not running at all? It may be a pressure issue. Today most residences have some form of central air conditioning, these systems are classified as "high pressure systems". If your system develops even the smallest leak, the high pressure is likely to force out most, if not all of the refrigerant pressurizing your system.

If our technician comes out to your home or business for a service-call  the first thing he is going to do is hook up his manifold and check your systems standing and operating pressures. If a leak is suspected, he is going to check everything else to rule out any other possibilities and then the technician will present the information to the customer. A leak search and repair is a lengthy, expensive labor-intensive service, so we do not perform this service unless absolutely necessary and the customer agrees. 

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Commercial Rooftop and Ceiling mounted units

Apartments, Condos, Hotels, Businesses etc... All Rooftop and ceiling mounted units Serviced and Installed. To Request a qoute or more information in this category click the link below.

 Many apartment and condo residents, for example; air conditioning in south Boston, many building owners are putting the outdoor units on the roof rather than the ground. Simply for lack of space on the ground, this is different from a rooftop unit system, however, we still need to know before coming out to your home. If your outdoor unit is on the roof, no matter what type of system it is, let us know please so we can be properly prepared for the job when we arrive.

Rooftop Unit Request for service. or more information

FULL HOME INSPECTION only $289.00 Interior and Exterior

General Contracting and Carpentry /Construction Services

Custom Work, Decks, Porches and Staircases

New Installations, Replacements, Repairs and Modifications. We build From Scratch, we Demo and Replace, or Repair existing structures. We offer top of the line products and materials, always giving you every available option, focusing only on what you are interested in.

Higher Standard Service takes great pride in their quality of work, and absolutely love custom designs. Although it may take longer and cost more, with our company top-of-the-line products and custom designs are available at a very affordable cost. We do not mark up materials, you pay the same price we pay for materials, unlike almost every other service company which charges atleast double.

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Additions, Remodels, Renovations

Nothing is too big or too small. We take on all projects; Additions, New Constructions, Renovations, and Remodels. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Garages, Master Bedrooms, in-law apt. Closets and more. All City/Town permits will be pulled and paid for, we stand in all inspections and do all the necassary paperwork for the project. Zoning Approval is your only responsibility (this is only in certain cases)

Our Office manage Caitlin is our customer's greatest resource. She is dedicated and eager to create customer convenience and assist us all, in any way we need. She is great at tracking down the right-person to talk to and for lack of a better phrase, "Getting It Done". Higher Standard always has your back

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Damages Repair and Restorations

As hard as we try, we cannot control everything. One of those things is Mother Nature. When Mother Nature swoops in and "tears you a new one" Higher Standard has your back! 

We will take on the entire project including handling all the insurance adjusters and inspectors. We will file all the paperwork and take as much of the stress from you as we can. We understand hardship and don't wish the burden on any one person. Call Today and let us handle all the b.s. for you.

We promise a great experience, guarantee customer satisfaction, and warranty all workmanship for at-least one year. Not only will we repair the damage, but we will offer you preventative solutions, to protect your home from subsequent or additional damage.

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Garages, Garage doors, Sheds

 We design and build sheds, garages and storage solutions to meet your needs. We also Install and Replace Garage doors, as well as servicing the mechanics of the automated and non-automated doors. Speak with a specialist today for more info. 

We Love to do Custom work, we can help with design and construction if you have a project in mind. Just call and speak to our specialist. 

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Windows and Doors (Interior/Exterior)

Replacement windows, or Re-designs, we can cut a beautiful bay window in for your living room or kitchen. Install French doors leading to that back deck or balcony, or simply install replacement windows. We are experienced working with all different types of sturctures, and products with different and unique designs. 

Do you wish your home looked like the one you drove by the other day? Or do you have an idea of your own? Give us a call today. Speak with someone about your design and let us handle the rest. We will use your idea or specs to design and modify your home to offer you that look you never thought was possible.

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Frame to Finish Carpentry

We do everything Interior and Exterior. Framing walls, Insulating and Drywall, Cut -Out new Bay windows, French Doors and Install them, Exterior Sealing, Siding, Roofing. Even Landscaping and Masonry can be arranged.

 You Dream, we Design it and Make it Happen! Call and book a Design Specialist Today!

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