Warranties and Guarantees

Warranties and Guarantees

Leak Guarantee (3 years)


Any connection we make, water, gas, refrigeration or oil, copper, black iron, pvc, pex, if we make a connection or seal a thread, we will warranty that seal not to leak for 3 years. In that time if it leaks for any reason, we will return, reseal the connection and extend the warranty another 3 years.

General Repair Warranty


Even our general repairs, and minimal services carry at the very least a 60-day warranty, on the services we provide, and sometimes as much as a 6 month to 1 year full warranty. Each Jobs warranty will be specified and documented upon request.

Replacement Components


Much of the time, when we come in and diagnose someones Heating, Cooling or plumbing system, the problem is usually found with one particular component. The procedure required to test remove and replace the component will dictate the level of repair and cost of your service. Any component we replace will carry atleast a six month warranty, sometimes a full year, sometimes longer. Always to be specified.

New System Installs


New System Installs are Under Full Coverage for the first full year of Installation. After that, There is a 2 year workmanship warranty remaining as well as 3 years "no leaks" on all connections we made or re-sealed.

Workmanship 2yr Limited


All work, appliance installs, remodels, new system installations, major repairs are covered under a 2 year Limited Workmanship Warranty. It is limited because we only cover damages or defects directly resulting of our installation or service work.